Bell Ross 01-92 Carbon Fiber Replica Watch- Photo And Video Review

Bell & Ross 01-92 Carbon Fiber Replica Watch Back Case

I like Bell & Ross replica watches. I do, and it’s mainly because they have unique looks in the luxury watches world. The Bell Ross 01-92 Carbon Fiber replica watch came to my attention just recently when I decided I should get a new B&R replica for one of my cousin’s birthday (yeah, we’re a big family).

The good thing about a simple, clean and without too many details B&R is that finding good quality Bell & Ross replica watches is not that hard of a task after all. You’ll find Bell Ross 01-92 Carbon Fiber replica watch models on many websites. Just make sure you take a good look and figure out the quality before you buy. When searching for fake watches of any brand the first best step to take is to know all the original models and variations they come in. Then you can decide which one you like best and whether you’ll be an exact clone or where you can adjust. You can also check them replica review sites.

Bell Ross 01-92 Carbon Fiber Replica Watch

Bell & Ross 01-92 Carbon Fiber Watch

Bell Ross 01-92 Carbon Fiber Replica Watch

The originals come in two variations. One has white markings, numbers and hands and the other one is the Bell Ross 01-92 Carbon Fiber Phantom which is all black and the markers, numbers and hands have a slightly greyish tint, so they stand out a little. This being said I chose a yellow one. Well, not entirely yellow but the markers and numbers look good in yellow and give it such a nice vibe. Bell & Ross does have different colors in their BR 01-92 Carbon series, and they look pretty amazing. Difference it not even that big, just the rounded numbers and different hands shapes stand out at first glance.

Replica Watch Bell & Ross 01-92 Carbon Fiber Photo Review

I like the carbon fiber imitation pattern on the top of the case and the dial as well. It gives it such a different look and different shades when the sunlight hits it. I picked the yellow markers and numbers one because I thought it’ll go better with my cousin’s personality. He’s always colorful and has a slightly different style than regular people. Still, this will blend in pretty well with any looks and wears mostly sporty, though.

Bell Ross 01-92 Carbon Fiber Replica Watch Side View

Bell & Ross 01-92 Carbon Fiber Watch Side View

The case has a proper thickness and weight, and it houses a Japanese automatic movement which keeps time well and precise. B&R logo on the crown and good markings on the back give it a good finishing touch. The dial markings are also well cloned, so there’s a good attention to details here.

Bell Ross 01-92 Carbon Fiber Replica Watch Overview

Bell & Ross 01-92 Carbon Fiber Watch Overview

The classic B&R rubber band is marked properly on the inside and the outside. It also is solid but flexible enough to give you a good grip and feel on the wrist. The buckle has the B&R logo as well, so this piece is not that hard to pass for an original especially because it’s not a very expensive watch and not too many people know the brand.

This is always the case with top brands that don’t fit in the let’s say top five best-known names. To me, this is a good everyday watch for wear and tear but with just enough spice and different looks to make a difference. You’ll always see eyes dropping on it and guys asking about it because it’s such an attractive piece. Glad my cousin loves it and it became his favorite watch, so my mission here is done. Check out some more pics and give me your thoughts on it.


Bell & Ross 01-92 Carbon Fiber Replica Watch Back Case

Bell & Ross 01-92 Carbon Fiber Watch Back Case

Powered by a Japanese automatic movement this bulky and square fake Bell & Ross keeps time well and has a power reserve of over 24 hours. So, it’s perfect for an everyday wear and tear. This is one of the most robust and easy to wear as an original watches because even though the Carbon Fiber series are priced around 6k their replica counterparts are most of them well cloned and it’s such an easy watch to wear on most occasions. Check out the video and let me know what you think of it.

Bell Ross 01-92 Carbon Fiber Replica Watch Video Review

Watch de video below:

I think this is one of the good looking Bell & Ross replica watches. The carbon fiber-like pattern on the black stainless steel looks really good and gives it such a manly feel. The dial pattern is also well done and matches the original. Hands do as well, and the numbers and markers are just the spice that the average clean and simple dial needed. A simple black with white dial would not have done it for my cousin. He loves this one so, this Bell Ross 01-92 Carbon Fiber replica watch was the best choice.