Bell & Ross 01-92 Steel Replica Watch – Video Review

Bell & Ross 01-92 Steel Replica Watch

Got this Bell & Ross 01-92 Steel replica watch the other day from one of my cousins. He almost threw it at me and said: “here, check this one out”. Of course I was like let me see it and I started looking straight away at all the details. I’ve seen quite a few Bell & Ross replica watches and some originals too so I can have a good personal opinion when I have to evaluate one.

Video Review Of The Bell & Ross 01-92 Steel Replica Watch

I was amazed that my cousin that was not really into fake watches before (or so I thought) comes out of the closet just like that with this fake B&R Steel. After convincing myself that it’s a good quality fake watch that’s worth my attention I convinced him to let me take some photos (which I will use for a photo review) and a short video for this video review article.

Bell & Ross 01-92 Steel Replica Watch

Bell & Ross 01-92 Steel Watch

You’ll get to read about the funny part at the end but right now I’ll go over the details. It’s a pretty close clone of the 01-92 Steel model Bell & Ross have. Pretty close because the original does not have the limited edition marking on the dial. So if you can live with that then you have a well cloned fake watch because all the other simple and clean dial details are well done.

Scratch-proof crystal is flat and has just the right and simple reflection, case is good thickness and weight and it’s housing an automatic movement on which origins I’m not completely sure just yet. Hack mechanism is on when setting the date so that’s a good sign, seconds hand sweeps pretty good so that’s also a good thing. Simple and clean watch with good details on it. Rubber band has the right engravings on the face and on the back as well. It is good quality, flexible but solid in the same time. Back case engravings are good but Military is misspelled so I have a hunch here.

The deal with my cousin is that he allowed me to have this article about his watch on my blog and if more than 5 of my readers will be interested in the whereabouts of this watch I’ll be getting the link from him so I can share it. Well, this is a first and I thought it’s funny that we were negotiating about this but still I got a good watch to show you guys so there’s already gain in this. Check out the video and tell me what you think about it, maybe we can even get the link out from my secretive cousin.