Monumental Examples Of Panerai Replica Perfection

Fake Radiomir Chronograph

Since I know there are a lot of Panerai replica fans out there, including myself, I thought it would a good idea to put together a few great designs. Let’s call these monumental Panerai designs because these are not your average Panerai watch replica. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a big fan of almost all their models, I think you’ll find a Panerai Luminor replica in just about any of my PAM-related posts, but that’s not what this post is about. It’s about eccentric models if you will, models that will prove once and for all that the Italian brand is not boring, a thing that I’ve heard a lot lately.

Panerai Replica Perfection

Impressive Panerai Replica

I don’t know about you, but when I think about a good clone or let me rephrase that, about a watch that’s easy to clone, I usually think of a Panerai replica. Simple lines, retro feel, you know very well what I’m talking about. This goes for Panerai Luminor Marina replica, Radiomir and just about every Panerai I can think of.

This however, is a two edged blade, meaning that some clones are close to perfection. For example, a lot of people don’t know how to spot a fake Panerai Luminor. I must admit that I have trouble spotting the fake if I don’t see the movement up close. Even a sub-par Panerai replica will look better by comparison than a crappy Sub. Ultimately, this should be good news for all those into reps, who are afraid they will be called out wearing one.

Anyway, that’s not what this post is about, so let’s get to the matter at hand. I’m going to show you guys a few special Panerais, monumental designs, like I said earlier and I hope you’ll enjoy them just as much as I do.

Panerai Replica Ceramica – Luminor Submersible Watch

Panerai Luminor Ceramica Submersible Replica

Fake Panerai Luminor Submersible Ceramica

By its full name, this baby is called Luminor Submersible 1950 3 Days Automatic Ceramica or, if you’re into coding, PAM508. I think this is the newest from my collection and it became an instant favorite as soon as I took it out of the box. Simple, robust, awesome leather strap, I’m sure every Panerai fan will love this one just as much as I do.

Inside this Panerai Ceramica replica there’s a reliable Japanese automatic movement which is a pleasure to look at through the see-thru back case. I’ll leave it at that, if you want to see more, check out the video below or the full review here.

Panerai Replica Luminor 1950 Pangea Submersible Depth Gauge Watch

Panerai Luminor Pangea Depth Gauge Copy Watch

Panerai Luminor Pangea Replica

How about that for a name? This bad boy is one of the coolest Panerais I’ve ever seen. Extremely bulky, super solid and imposing, you can’t get manlier than this. And that back case, tell that’s not impressive.

This baby is a diving watch at its core and as the name suggests, the original has a built in depth gauge. Also, I think the standard on the original is a rubber bracelet, but I’ll take this thick leather strap over it any given day.

Panerai Replica Luminor Arktos GMT Watch

Panerai Arktos Copy Watch

Panerai Luminor Arktos GMT Replica

Third Panerai Luminor replica, third submersible. I think we can conclude that nothing gets more rugged than the Submersible line. You won’t find too many NESW bezels out there, especially in such a bulky format. Just like the Pangea above, it also has an absolute killer case back, one of the best I’ve ever seen. Automatic movement inside, precise timekeeping and good power reserve.

Panerai Luminor Arktos price? As an original, this baby goes for about 10K and I think it’s also a special/limited edition so even if you would be willing to drop this king of cash on a watch, it’s very possible you don’t find one that easy. By the way, although this is a bulky piece, it sits very well on the wrist not uncomfortable at all and this comes from a guy with thin wrists.

Panerai Replica Luminor GMT Watch

Fake Panerai GMT

Panerai Luminor GMT Replica

Still Luminor, still awesome. There are two main features that make this watch a monumental Panerai replica: the pinstripe dial and the absolute killer leather strap. Have you seen anything like it before? The dial kind of reminds me of the Aquaterra dial, but let me tell you, it takes it to a whole new level.

Regarding the Panerai replica vs original matter, I can’t find the exact Panerai this originates in, but honestly, I don’t care. There are so many variations that it’s almost impossible to keep track of. It’s a solid design with a very reliable movement inside, everything’s working well including the GMT function, impressive looks, what more could you want?

Panerai Replica Radiomir Chronograph Watch

Fake Radiomir Chronograph

Panerai Radiomir Chronograph Replica

The Radiomir line has a strong representative in this list. I don’t know about you, but the way I generally look at it, the Luminor line is a bit sportier than the Radiomir, which seems to me to be more on the elegant side. Funny thing, there have been people asking me what’s the difference between a Luminor and a Radiomir. I guess we can agree that these are the people who say that Panerai is boring.

This is not your average Radiomir replica. I don’t remember seeing a Radiomir chronograph like this one in quite some time. Since it’s a 2007 model, it’s understandable.

I hope you guys enjoyed this post as much as I enjoyed putting it together. But I’m sure you did, we’re all Panerai replica fans here, right? Until next time, don’t forget to check out all the other replica watches reviews on my blog.