Panerai Introduces The Paneristi 15th Anniversary Luminor PAM634 (With Specs & Pricing) Grade 1 Replica Watches

Let us talk about caliber P.5000 for a Moment. It is a significant motor: 2 mainspring barrels that you may readily see running in both big stones, providing eight days of running time in 3hz/21,600 vph. The mainspring barrels run in string, pushing torque through a very classically organized going train, with the center wheel observable through a large cutout from the plate. I suppose technically speaking we’d have to call this a 3/4 plate motion as the third wheel bridge isn’t actually a bridge at the usual sense of the term, but instead the result of creating the cutout. That cutout plus the shape of the major plate around the balance give a really aesthetically pleasing, but still utilitarian effect, which is totally appropriate for what was, after all, originally intended to be a tool watch, plain and simple. The going train is arranged so the fourth wheel is exactly opposite the crown, which is exactly where you would find it in a pocket watch, and if you would like a tiny seconds dial where it would have been in one of the Angelus pocket opinion powered Panerais all you have to do is run the wheel pivot through the dial and put a hand on it (which was exactly what Panerai did together with all the PAM 510).The equilibrium, which can be held in place by a very sturdy looking bridge, seems a little small for the motion but then again, that’s probably only because the movement’s so big; at 15 3/4 lignes, or just about 35.7 mm, it’s a pocket — observe as opposed to a wristwatch caliber (unless you’re at the bigger-than-average-wristwatch business, which Panerai manifestly is). Overall, we think that it’s an impressive piece of work — we have used the word hardy and sturdiness is very much the takeaway impression one has of this P.5000. Interestingly, incidentally, the P.5000 includes a free-sprung, adjustable mass balance, which is a very nice touch, especially at this price point — if you look carefully at what looks like the regulator you will see that it is really not a ruler, but a stud carrier (in other words, the carrier for the stud to which the outer terminal of the balance spring is attached). The screws holding the equilibrium bridge in place run through threaded collars on the bridge and can be used to adjust end-shake (the quantity of vertical “play” between the tips of the equilibrium staff and the endstones of the shock-jewel assembly.

Panerai has announced a 500-piece limited edition Luminor Base Logo for the 15th anniversary of Paneristi, the brand’s enthusiast community website. 

Paneristi is the Panerai enthusiast website, one that has created a community, in the truest sense of the word, dedicated to Panerai. For the 15th anniversary of the site, which was founded in 2000 by Guy Verbist, Panerai Watches Marina Luminor Replica has created a limited edition Luminor Base Logo (PAM00634) with a blue OP at six o’clock. The third Paneristi edition – after the PAM195, PAM360 and PAM532 – the 15th anniversary PAM634 is a Luminor equipped with the hand-wound OP I movement (which is essentially a Unitas 6497) behind a solid case back. Notably the case back is a snap-on case back, a first for a Luminor, instead of the screw-down back typical of Panerai and other dive watches. Another feature traditionalists will bemoan are the spring bars for the strap, yet another first, instead of the traditional screwed bars synonymous with Panerai.

This is the first Paneristi edition that does not have a black PVD coated case, instead the 44mm case is polished steel with “Paneristi” engraved on the crown lever.

Another feature unique to this edition is the blue OP logo at six o’clock. Though this is the first for a dial, the blue logo has been used widely in the SIHH 2015 collection on straps. And the Super-Luminova on the dial is ivory, approximating the look of tritium-dial, Pre-Vendome Panerai watches from the 1990s. The PAM634 is limited to 500 pieces with a retail price os US$4200, which is slightly less than the US$4900 retail price of the PAM000 “logo”, the equivalent watch from the regular collection. Intended primarily for active members of Paneristi, the PAM634 order process can be found on the forum. Source: Paneristi  Update June 29, 2015: Edited to include snap-on back and spring bars.