Photo Review – Bell & Ross 01-92 Steel Replica Watch

Bell & Ross Steel Replica Watch Back Case

Looks like the joke’s on my cousin with his new Bell & Ross 01-92 Steel replica watch that wasn’t a lot of interest for you guys. He’s a little pissed since his strategy of making me curious did not actually work so I’ll cheer him up with this photo review article of his fake Bell & Ross 01-92. Sorry that your game was not on cousin but maybe this photo review will spark some comments since this fake watch is a good one and definitely worth some attention.

Replica Watch Bell & Ross 01-92 Steel Photo Review

Bell & Ross replica watches have always been defined by that bulky solid airplane gadget look simply because that’s where most (if not all) of their design inspiration comes from. Interesting thing about it is that you kinda feel like you would not really wear one of these babies at first because it’s big and square and just too big! Truth is that once you get a replica B&R on your wrist you’re pretty much hooked to the feel and looks of this brand.

Bell & Ross 01-92 Steel Replica Watch

Bell & Ross 01-92 Steel Watch

Simple, clean dial that only shows the time. It’s like this is so not enough these days… That’s what I like about this model. Its simplicity and good looks. Dial has good markings, hands are well cloned and the flat scratch-proof crystal is well placed on the case. Face screws are good which is one of the Bell & Ross trademark as well and the crown which bares the brand logo. Case is nicely brushed and polished on the edges just like the original would be.

Thickness and weight are also good so when getting one of these babies that an original will cost you around 3k it’s not hard at all to wear it like it’s for real. I mean a good quality one will totally be for real and at a reasonable price too. This one is powered by a Japanese automatic movement which keeps time well and offers a good life span. Still, keep it away from water and specially steam since replica watches are never fully waterproof.

Rubber band which has also a good size and it’s wide like on the genuine piece has a good grip on the wrist and makes you feel like you’re really wearing something solid and important on your wrist. It’s a good feeling specially for those who like bigger heavier pieces. B&R markings on the band are properly done so overall I’ll say it again: I’m proud of my cousin and his replica Bell & Ross watch. This one’s is his everyday watch now and he had no complaints about it as I would have been the first to know trust me. Here are some more photos on this piece. Let me know how you like it.

Bell & Ross 01-92 Steel Replica Watch Overview

Bell & Ross 01-92 Steel Watch Overview

Replica Bell & Ross 01-92 Steel Watch Side View

Bell & Ross 01-92 Steel Watch Side View

Bell & Ross Steel Replica Watch Back Case

Bell & Ross Steel Watch Back Case