Photo Review – Bell & Ross Carbon Replica Watch

Bell & Ross Carbon Replica Overview

Here’s a very smooth black on black Bell & Ross replica watch. The BR 01-92 Carbon is one of my favorite bulky sport replica watches. It just has that simpleness and good contemporary bulky looks and on top of all this it’s easy to clone having very few details to mess up.

Bell & Ross replica watch

Bell & Ross watch

Bell & Ross Carbon Replica Watch Photo Review

Good ion-plated stainless steel thick case has the right weight, thickness and looks. Bell & Ross logo on the crown, good screws position and flat wide scratch-proof crystal make it look just like the original. Powered by a Japanese automatic mechanism this watch keeps time well and has a power reserve of over 36 hours.

Thick rubber band has all the right engravings being flexible and resistant at the same time. I’m a little bummed by the fact that on the back “Military” is misspelled but that’s the only flaw I could find on this fake watch . I would have still loved it more if that little detail would have not been off. Then again even when you take it off of your hand to give it to someone for a closer look that small flaw will be very easily overlooked. The rest of the engravings on the back are flawless and the overall looks of this watch are pretty amazing I must say.

Being such a squared bulky watch it will always be an eye-catcher and rest assure that most of the people you meet will never question it’s origins simply because even though Bell & Ross is a big name in the watchmaking industry it’s not that popular among regular people. Wearing such a niece piece makes your wrist look different in such a good way. Enjoy the photos and give me your thought on the watch.

Bell & Ross replica watch crown view

Bell & Ross watch crown view

Bell & Ross fake watch back case

Bell & Ross watch back case

Bell & Ross Carbon Replica Overview

Bell & Ross Carbon Overview