Pre-SIHH 2015: Introducing The Panerai Luminor 1950 Sealand Year of the Goat PAM848 (With Specs And Price) Replica Watches Young Professional

Let us discuss caliber P.5000 for a Moment. It’s a big motor: 2 mainspring barrels which you may readily see running in the two big jewels, providing eight times of running time in 3hz/21,600 vph. The mainspring barrels run in string, pushing torque through a very classically organized going train, together with the center wheel visible through a large cutout from the plate. I suppose technically speaking we would have to call this a 3/4 plate movement as the third wheel bridge is not really a bridge at the usual sense of the term, but rather the result of creating the cutout. This cutout plus the shape of the major plate around the equilibrium give a very aesthetically pleasing, but still utilitarian effect, which is completely suitable for what was, after all, initially meant to be an instrument watch, plain and simple. The going train is arranged so that the fourth wheel is exactly opposite the crown, which can be exactly where you would find it in a pocket watch, and if you want a small seconds dial in which it would happen to be in one of the Angelus pocket watch powered Panerais all you need to do is run the fourth wheel pivot through the dial and place a hand on it (which was exactly what Panerai Watches Amazon Replica did together with all the PAM 510).The equilibrium, which is held in place by a very sturdy looking bridge, looks somewhat small for the movement but again, that’s probably just because the movement’s so large; in 15 3/4 lignes, or simply about 35.7 mm, it is a pocket — observe rather than a wristwatch caliber (unless you are in the bigger-than-average-wristwatch business, that Panerai manifestly is). Overall, we think it’s an impressive bit of work — we have used the term hardy and sturdiness is really much the takeaway impression one has of the P.5000. Interestingly enough, incidentally, the P.5000 has a free-sprung, adjustable mass balance, which is a really wonderful touch, particularly at this price point — if you look closely at what seems like the regulator you will see that it is actually not a ruler, but a stud carrier (that is, the carrier to the stud to which the outer terminal of the balance spring is attached). The screws holding the balance bridge set up run through threaded collars onto the bridge and can be employed to correct end-shake (the amount of vertical “play” between the ends of the equilibrium staff as well as the endstones of this shock-jewel assembly.

Panerai continues its series of annual Sealand editions dedicated to the Chinese Zodiac with the Luminor 1950 Sealand Year of the Goat (PAM00848), featuring a hunter case decorated with gold-inlaid hand-engraving.

Fitted with distinctive flip covers over the dial, the hunter cases of Panerai Luminor Sealand watches are a perfect canvas for engraving. To be officially unveiled at SIHH, the 2015 edition of the Luminor 1950 Sealand is dedicated to the Year of the Goat, the seventh in an annual edition for each year’s Chinese Zodiac and also the first in the Luminor 1950 case. While most of the earlier Sealand watches were engraved by Purdey, the maker of precious hunting rifles, Panerai now turns to Italian craftsman for the gold-inlaid engraving. The steel lid is first engraved by hand, and then fine gold wires are beaten into the grooves of the engraving until the image is formed in gold.

The inside of the lid has a little mirror, and beneath it is a steel grey dial that differs from the typical Panerai look. Minimalist with just a “12”, the dial has black baton indices with tiny luminous dots.

Unusually, the Luminor 1950 Sealand Year of the Goat is the first Sealand watch to use the Luminor 1950 case as well as an in-house movement, the P.9000. Earlier Sealand editions used the standard 44 mm Luminor case which lacks the more complex form of the 1950. Those were also powered by a simple Unitas movement.

Available only at Panerai boutiques and produced in an edition of just 100 watches, the Luminor 1950 Sealand Year of the Goat is priced at 32,500 Singapore dollars, which is equivalent to about US$26,000. Panerai isn’t alone with a Chinese Zodiac-themed timepiece, Vacheron Constantin will also present a Year of the Goat edition at SIHH 2015.