Readers Review – Lee’s Breitling and Bell & Ross Replica Watches

Bell & Ross 10-92 replica watch

It’s been quite a while since you guys sent me some of your replica watches buys but I recently got a short e-mail from Lee, a reader of mine, where he attached 3 photos and some words describing his experience. It’s more of a thank you note than anything else but I’m always happy when I get feedback that shows I’m helping some of you out there to get good quality fake watches.

Bell & Ross Replica Watches Readers Review

Looks like Lee has bought a Breitling Navitimer replica watch and a Bell & Ross BR 01-92 white dial replica watch from after my recommendation. I bought and reviewed this exact replica Breitling some time ago so I know the watch and I can say that it’s a good quality buy. I also have a couple of replica Bell & Ross 01-92 from them even if not this exact white dial one and it looks like it’s just the dial that’s different.

Breitling Navitimer Replica Watch

Breitling Navitimer Watch

I like the Breitling background Lee used for this photo, makes this fake Navitimer look so much better. I’ll give you more details on this one since I know it well and you can also find the photo review here . It’s powered by a Japanese automatic movement so you get the sweeping motion of the seconds hand pretty close to the original.

Case shape and bezel are well cloned and the black leather bracelet is good quality as well. Looking back on my readers reviews I remembered that this replica Navitimer is actually one of the most popular fake Bretilting among my readers and there are plenty of other articles stating this one as a good buy on my blog. I’m glad you guys like it and I’m glad I found it for you. It’s so much more easier when you get a good grip and feel of a watch before you buy it. Here’s Lee’s thank you note pasted from the e-mail he sent me:


Thanks for your help & guidance. Here are the two pieces I purchased from i
 I really like them both.
Short but comprehensive and more than enough for me. Thank you Lee for putting the time and effort to say thanks. I’m glad I could help and I’m sure that my readers will appreciate your feedback as much as I do. As for the replica B&R 01-92 here’s a review of almost the same watch . Again, a good pick and a reliable Japanese automatic movement that so far has proven to keep good time. Overall this watch is still in great shape even though it’s my favorite wear and tear piece since it has the military looks and it’s so bulky. Here are two more photos Lee sent. Thank you once more Lee, I really appreciate it!

replica Breitling Navitimer watch front view

Breitling Navitimer watch front view

Bell & Ross 10-92 replica watch

Bell & Ross 10-92 watch