Two Great Watches From My Bell & Ross Replica Collection

BR01-92 carbon fiber replica side view

I’ve been pretty much ignoring my Bell & Ross replica collection lately and honestly, I couldn’t tell you exactly why. It is possible that I owe this to the brand itself and relatively poor marketing, because I really can’t remember seeing anything spectacular being released lately. And again, I’m not talking about Bell and Ross replica watches here, I’m talking about genuine models. Despite this however, I like these masculine, rugged timepieces and I hope you like them just as much as I do because you’ll see a few great ones.

two awesome models of Bell & Ross Replica

Bell & Ross Replica – Two Great Examples

The truth is, and think you guys will agree with me on this one, is that there’s not much love lately for Bell and Ross replica watches. I’m sure that I’m not the only guy who has a few models in his collection and doesn’t wear them as often as he should. I mean come on, this comes from me, I love bulky watches, I lust for manly designs and what are these timepieces if not exactly that?

What I really like about Bell & Ross is that they are instantly recognizable, just like APs, Hublots or Panerais. At least the BR01 collection, which I’ve heard being referred to by some old school folk as those hideous cans of tomatoes. But this goes to show you how ignorant some folks are.

The whole concept behind the BR01 collection (as well as BR03 and BRS) is simple – reliability. The design is inspired from the shapes one would find in an airplane cockpit. Every gadget there should be easy to read, exact and durable. I think their motto is something like – “function exceeds shape”, not really sure it’s exactly that, but certainly something among those lines.

But anyway, to each his own I guess. Even if you’re not a die hard enthusiast, you must give credit where credit is due and I believe Bell and Ross replica watches deserve some. Remember, the brand is a relatively new one (90’s if I’m not mistaken) and it’s up there, with the rest of them. They can be amongst the best watches for men such as myself, who are fanatic about large face watches, but they can also be hated by snobs and people who consider anything above 39mm too much.

Fake Bell and Ross BR01-92 In Stainless Steel

This is basically what a watch is all about – telling time. However, I get the impression that nowadays, it’s simply not enough. I would really enjoy seeing something like this more often, a large, simple white dial with white Arabic numerals for good contrast and unmatched reliability, really.

Stainless Steel fake br01 in steel

Replica BR01-92 in stainless steel – Dial Closeup

I’m not exactly the biggest fan of rubber straps, but this is one of Bell & Ross replica trademarks after all, so I can’t complain. Plus, I must admit that it’s pretty comfortable to begin with and never had any problems with it, such as cracking, splitting or whatever.

Thickness is good, weight is good to and given the simplicity of the model, it’s pretty much impossible for it to be called out as a fake. Behind the brushed stainless steel caseback hides an automatic Japanese movement, rather precise and with a more than decent power reserve.

back case and rubber bracelet fake br01-92

Replica BR01-92 Brushed Stainless Steel Caseback

And now the second one…

BR01-92 Carbon Fiber Bell & Ross Replica

This is one special Bell & Ross replica, I mean, just look at it and tell me it ain’t so. It’s always so much fun to wear this watch and I’m glad I had the inspiration to write about it because now, it will surely spend a couple of days on my wrist, if not even more.

I guess the first thing that stands out is the carbon fiber pattern on top of the case, which I must inform you it isn’t genuine, as in it’s an imitation pattern. But boy, it does look and feel so great! And I can’t imagine anything else than the yellow marking fitting better in the image. There’s just something about yellow and black that makes them look so well together.

BR01-92 carbon fiber replica side view

Bell And Ross BR01-92 Carbon Fiber Replica

I won’t go into movement details because I think it’s powered by the same Japanese automatic movement and you can see for yourself how it works in the video below.

I hope my post sparked up some interest and redirected some of your attention towards what a Bell & Ross replica has to offer. I think I’ll add a few models to my collection really soon, so until then, let me know how you like them.