Up Close With The Panerai Radiomir Firenze PAM604 (With Original Photos, Price) Replica Guide Trusted Dealers

Typical Panerai 2 Watch Set Replica treats include the reassuringly snappy crown guard lever — that I liked to fiddle with whenever I had a short moment to spare in a queue or on public transport. It’s a thing that I find myself reaching for and disappointedly not discovering after strapping on other watches. Also appreciated was that the 24mm lug width which opens up a nearly infinite supply of strap options.Panerai will sell you calf and buffalo leather straps from CHF 220 going around CHF 360 for alligator ones. But honestly, at this point, there’s such a vast choice of aftermarket straps that you would be tremendously encouraged to store around there (and support those men, as well). The black “Calf Monte Carlo” leather strap that the Panerai Luminor Base 8 Days Acciaio PAM561 is supplied with is of decent quality, but nothing noteworthy that could add or take away from its overall appearance and impression. If anything, this black-on-black alternative I think is somewhat secure and boring, particularly because this white dial variation is all about more vibrant colours and forcing regular, secure aesthetics to the side a little. Aside from looks, wearability is as great as it’s with a Panerai, as the watch is kept company and protected thanks to the ample width, depth, and rigidity of the strap and its massive, Panerai-marked pin buckle.The dial is more unusual not simply in its colour but also in its markings, together with Arabic numerals around (unlike a more average Panerai dials that only have numerals for 12, 6, 3, and 9 with baton markers everywhere else) plus an additional and, again, rarer 60-minute track on the periphery. All these are painted on the dial’s surface since the Panerai Luminor Base 8 Days Acciaio PAM561 includes a solid dial rather than the famous Panerai sandwich dial.

Panerai has long offered watches with engraved hunter cases known as the Luminor Sealand, initially decorated by the gunmaker Purdey (its sister company in Richemont) and now by anonymous Italian craftsmen. Now it has extended the theme of an engraved case to the Radiomir with the PAM605, the most artisanal timepiece in its SIHH 2015 collection. The Radiomir Firenze has a 47 mm steel case entirely engraved, front and side, with a Florentine motif.

Found on the case front, four sides as well as the crown, the engraved decoration is in the Florentine style, with the Florentine lily (or fleur-de-lis) being the central theme. Engraving is usually done with lines or dots, in this case the motif is engraved with lines which are then filled with black lacquer for contrast.

On the other hand, traditional high-end engraving achieves contrast with varying the fineness of the engraved lines or dots, a technique evident in the early Panerai-Purdey Sealand watches. The same effect can be found on currency, which are printed with hand-engraved copper plates. Nonetheless, the case decoration of the Radiomir Firenze takes a week to complete.

Like most other hand-wound Panerai watches with a 47mm case, this is equipped with the P.3000. Panerai’s in-house equivalent of a pocket watch movement, the P.3000 has a three day power reserve.

Though not evident in the photos, the dial is finished with a fine sun ray brushed pattern and is a deep, dark grey. It has a sandwich construction with ivory Super-Luminova.

The Radiomir Firenze is a limited edition of just 99 pieces, evidence of Panerai’s shifting strategy as the brand matures and the overall watch market slows. Smaller runs like this will become more prominent, rather than the 1000 or 1500 piece editions that were standard issue in the past.

Sold only at Panerai’s store in Florence, the Radiomir Firenze PAM00604 costs €17,000 before taxes.