Year In Review 2014: Our 10 Top Stories Of The Year Replica Buyers Guide

Sandwich dials are fun and all, but your first Panerai Watch Bands Replacement Replica more than probably had that already, and the PAM561 is more like your second or third at the line, as I mentioned previously, in which you do want something new at the subtleties that leave one Panerai different from another. The notable “8 DAYS” marking above six o’clock describes the P.5000 in-house caliber — but until we move on to this, just one more word (and my only complaint with the PAM561) on legibility.The black numerals and the black painted palms using their off-white (although not artificial vintage!) Center contrast beautifully against the white dial — the lume pips and also the center of the hands turn noticeably green even when it’s bright outside, the superbly excellent Panerai lume is so powerful. Stay inside for more, though, and as the lume discharges (and does not get much charge from ambient lights), these elements return to being white.Everlastingly very good colour contrast aside, but the only two hands on the PAM561 are just way too brief. I noticed that in official images but through the delight of unpacking a newly received inspection unit, they soon stood out for me too brief — and, frankly, I really don’t see why this was essential. The second hand falls way short of this track it’s by definition supposed to reach, and the hour occasionally just looks “lost” from the sea of white, coming in way too short to be even remotely near the outer edge of the dial (it barely reaches halfway across).Perhaps more and thicker palms could have put extra strain on the motion, but if anything else, an 8-day power reserve movement should have sufficient torque to move them light and thin hands round. I personally goes so far as to say I would have exchanged a day or 2 of power reserve for longer hands.With that, onto the motion we go: dubbed the P.5000, it is one of Panerai’s logically expanding array of in-house movements and pretty much the most economical among them.

At the end of the year that was the best ever, with traffic stats up by over 60% across all metrics, here’s a look at our ten top stories of 2014.

In terms of readership stories on Rolex and Seiko trump all the others, which is unsurprising since both are probably the most searched watch brands online. Other notable stories are our editorials on the end of the road for rising watch prices (ranked 6th and 8th), and the compilation of opinions from key figures in high horology on the Apple Watch. Here are the ten most popular articles of the last year. 10. Hands-On With The Jaeger-LeCoultre Geophysic 1958 Reissue Jaeger-LeCoultre recreated the Geophysic chronometer as a limited edition, enlarging the case but sticking closely to the look of the original, while making it available at an accessible price – a good recipe for success.

9. Hands-On With The Patek Philippe Nautilus Travel Time Ref. 5990/1A We went up close with the Nautilus Travel Time, Patek Philippe’s latest sports chronograph that offers substantially more than the watch it replaces, for just a little bit more money, though the Nautilus is tremendously pricey to start with.

8. Introducing the Longines Heritage 1935, a Remake of its Iconic Czech Air Force Watch Longines reissued its distinctive, cushion-shaped aviator’s watch made for the Czech Air Force in the thirties and we compared the remake with the original.

7. Up Close With The Rolex Sea-Dweller 4000 Ref. 116600 The Rolex Sea-Dweller 4000 made its comeback at Baselworld 2014, very much the same but significantly improved, especially with the bracelet and clasp. With our comparison of the new and old Sea-Dwellers at number two on the list, the Sea-Dweller is a crowd favourite.

6. EDITORIAL: Are watches too expensive? (Part 2) Obviously the answer is yes, and the slowdown in business has proved our thesis. Part 1 of this editorial is number six on this list.

5. Explaining The Panerai P.9000 Automatic Movement – We Take It Apart And Put It All Back Together We took apart the Panerai P.9000 movement and put it all back together, revealing the details of the calibre and how it works.

4. EDITORIAL: Are watches too expensive? (Part 1) Evidently a lot of people agreed.

3. What The Watch Industry Thinks Of The Apple Watch Despite being non-existent, the Apple Watch was probably the hottest timepiece of 2014. We solicited opinions from movers and shakers in watchmaking, ranging from Max Busser of MB&F to Lange CEO Wilhelm Schmid, about their thoughts on the Apple Watch.

2. COMPARISON: Rolex Sea-Dweller 4000 Refs. 16600 vs. 116600 We put together the old and new Sea-Dweller 4000.

1. Introducing The Seiko Credor Eichi II – The Finest Three-Hand Watch Made In Japan, And Possibly The World But the less affordable ones seem to be even more so. We broke the news of the US$50,000 Seiko Credor Eichi II in August and it quickly became a hot topic. With only 20 made each year, it is no wonder that there is a waiting list for this watch.

Thanks for reading. See you in 2015!